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The Environment in Swine Housing

Publish Date: 11/01/2019

Economies of scale and the greater need for efficiency have resulted in the vast majority of pigs being raised indoors. These artificial environments have a great impact on production performance and the health status of both the pig and the worker. With the pork industry becoming more integrated, uniform-style barns are built in multiples, and an error in design can be multiplied many times over. This situation highlights the continued need for adhering to basic design principles in ventilation and environmental control.

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Automatic Sorting Technology for Large Pen Finishing

Publish Date: 08/22/2008

Technological advances and an enhanced understanding of the finishing pigs needs have resulted in the application of new, innovative methods of housing and managing the finishing pig. Housing of finishing pigs in very large pens, containing 500 or more pigs, is now being practiced throughout the U.S. swine industry. Large pens can capture efficiencies of space and help alleviate problems associated with animal aggression and behavior. Application of automated sorting technology has improved animal handling within large group finishers while expanding producer opportunities to fine-tune management decisions regarding feeding, monitoring, and marketing finishing pigs. Enhanced management has allowed producers to capture economic benefits from finishing facilities while maintaining productivity and welfare of the pig. This fact sheet describes the industries current understanding of automatic sorting technology.

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