Betsy Newton Akey

Director, Swine Technical Services -

Resources Reviewed


Lactating Swine Nutrient Recommendations and Feeding Management

Publish Date: March 25, 2010

Many factors influence sow productive efficiency and sow herd profitability, but inadequate feeding programs for the sow are major contributors to problems with high sow attrition and poor productivity. The primary challenge of feeding highly productive sows involves minimizing the negative nutrient (energy and protein) balance during lactation in order to minimize short-term and long-term reproductive performance problems. The lactating sow needs energy and nutrients to maintain body tissues and support milk production, while allowing for maternal growth. Excessive negative nutrient balance during lactation can be minimized by increasing sows feed intake or, to a lesser extent, increasing nutrient concentrations of the diet. Understanding the different factors that affect nutrient requirements and feed intake can assist in developing a successful lactating sow feeding program.

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