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Gestating Swine Nutrient Recommendations and Feeding Management

Publish Date: March 25, 2010

Feeding management during gestation focuses on minimizing embryo and fetal losses and on preparing the sow for farrowing and lactation. In the very early stages of gestation immediately after conception, the first objective is to provide conditions that will ensure maximal survival of embryos and favor a large litter size at the subsequent farrowing. Growth of the developing fetuses in conjunction with increasing nutrient stores in the sows body through continued growth of young sows or replenishment of nutrient stores lost during the previous lactation for older sows are the main objectives during mid-gestation (day 30 to 75). In late gestation, fetal growth continues at a very rapid rate and mammary development occurs in preparation for the upcoming lactation. Proper feeding programs will satisfy these nutritional needs and ensure continued reproductive performance of sows at a reasonable cost.

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