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Pork Quality Progress & Opportunities: The National Quality Benchmarking Study

Publish Date: June 6, 2006

The Food Marketing Institute (FMI, 2000) summarized the factors that consumers feel are important when making food purchasing decisions; ranked in descending order of importance were: (1) taste; (2a) nutrition, (2b) food safety, (4) cost and (5) storability. At the same time, consumers still try to economize when shopping: (a) low prices ranked 8th in Importance of Supermarket Features, and (b) 20% or more of supermarket shoppers did one or more of the following economizing behavior--looked in newspaper for grocery specials, participated in frequent shopper programs, stocked-up on bargain items, used cents-off coupons, compared prices at different supermarkets (FMI, 2000). These factors indicated that consumers are still very conscious of value (satisfaction received for price paid).

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National Pork Retail Microbiological Baseline

Publish Date: June 3, 2006

Several studies have either been completed or are currently in progress to determine the presence of indicator and/or pathogenic microorganisms on pork carcasses.1,2,3 Investigations such as these have increased our understanding of the populations and species of microorganisms that may be found on pork due to cross-contamination or poor handling/processing practices. Most studies have concentrated on the carcass; however, pork can subsequently be re-contaminated with bacteria during fabrication, packaging, distribution, and retail preparation and, therefore, more information on contamination levels and pathogen incidences following such practices must be gathered.

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