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Meat Display Lighting

Publish Date: June 3, 2006

The key to retail meat display is to present pork products in an attractive and saleable format. Effective sales depend on fresh appearance, acceptable product quality with an absence of abnormal traits including an unattractive color, excess drip (purge) in the package or dehydration. The role of lighting is to show the true quality of the pork product, without detracting from appearance or deceiving the customer about product quality. Lighting can speed up product discoloration but is essential for marketing and presentation of pork, both for traditional and for case-ready sales. The essential philosophy is that satisfied customers are repeat and loyal customers. Display is defined as the offering of product under lighting in the retail case, usually under refrigeration. Display is not the same as storage, which implies keeping the product in the dark and usually not for sale. Some use the term storage when they really mean display.

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