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Hygiene and Sanitation in the Boar Stud

Publish Date: November 9, 2010

Hygiene is defined as the science of the establishment and maintenance of health, or the conditions or practices as of cleanliness conducive to health (Merriam-Webster Collegiate Dictionary: Providing a clean, disease free environment for the boars will enhance sperm production and prevent disease spread to the sow units it serves. Bacterial contamination of extended boar semen can originate from the ejaculate itself as well as from the environment. While contamination of the ejaculate from the boar is considered normal, it is not desirable and may reduce fertility in sows (Althouse, et. al., 2000; Rillo, et. al., 1998). Indications of bacterial contamination of extended boar semen range from sperm cell agglutination and decreased storage life to reduced fertility and vaginal discharges in mated sows (Althouse, et. al., 1998). In extreme cases with high levels of contamination, endometritis may occur in mated sows, which could result in culling and even sow death (Payne et al., 2008). Find out more about hygiene and sanitation in the board stud in this Factsheet.

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