Consolidation to build branded, global house

In the future, agriculture and food production from corn and soybean fields to dairy farms and dairies, to cattle ranches and feedlots, to hog operations, to poultry complexes, to packers and processors will be consolidated into huge, integrated production systems. It will consolidate and integrate so that agriculture itself and independent, individual producers themselves can compete, expand and prosper. Consolidation is already an established event. In the U.S., essentially five companies control most of the field seed business, 4-5 companies control most of the meat packing business, 20-25 companies control most of the chicken business and 10 companies control half of the food retailing business. Within 10 years, 30 beef cattle feeding and 50 hog-producing businesses will finish 50% or more of all beef cattle and hogs. Consolidation is documented and reported, consolidation is occurring in every industry in every country in the world, and consolidation is indisputable and irreversible. Those who have sought to explain the phenomenon at levels above clashing ideologies have said there are certain critical points ushering agriculture consolidation, each leading to or supporting another. If one understands them, he or she will make the future.