Economic Analyses of Feeding 18 g per ton PAYLEAN to Crosses of the NE Index Line

2002 University of Nebraska-Lincoln Extension Swine Report. Economic returns per pig for F1 and terminal cross barrows and gilts of the NE Index line when fed a diet with or without PAYLEAN at 18 g per ton for 28 d before slaughter were compared. Although not significant, terminal cross pigs with 25% Line I genes were more profitable than F1 pigs with 50% Line I genes and gilts were more profitable than barrows. Several scenarios were modeled to evaluate the economic returns from feeding PAYLEAN. Increased profits were similar across lines and sexes but varied depending on whether intransit death losses were considered treatment effects. The best estimates of the increased income per pig from feeding PAYLEAN were $5.33 + 1.56 for the scenario with no in-transit losses and $1.54 + 4.83 when in-transit losses were assumed to be related to feeding PAYLEAN.