Effects of Expander Conditioning of Corn- And Sorghum-Based Diets on Pellet Quality and Performance in Finishing Pigs and Lactating Sows

Kansas State University Swine Research. Pellet durability index was similar for sorghum- vs corn-based diets but was greater for expander-conditioned pellets than standard-conditioned pellets. For finishing pigs, ADG, F/G, and carcass measurements were similar for pigs fed sorghum vs corn. Efficiency of gain was 6% better for pigs fed pelleted diets compared to those given meal diets but was similar for pigs fed the conventional- and expander-conditioned diets. For sows, the corn- and sorghumbased diets supported similar litter performance. Our data indicate that sorghum is an excellent feedstuff, comparable to corn, in diets for finishing pigs and sows.