Effects of Poultry Fat and Choice White Grease on Finishing Pig Growth Performance, General Carcass Characteristics and Pork Longissiums Muscle Quality

Kansas State University Swine Research. Eighty-four crossbred gilts were used to examine the effects of increasing dietary additions of poultry fat (PF) or choice white grease (CWG) on finishing pig growth per- standard carcass characteristics, and longissimus muscle quality. Increasing CWG or PF improved feed efficiency. In- creasing CWG tended to increase then de- crease longissimus muscle visual color com- pared with longissimus muscles from those animals fed PF. Pigs fed CWG had firmer, less exudative, and more purplish-red (measured by a Minolta chronometer) longissimus muscles compared with pigs fed PF. Feeding CWG or PF did not affect standard carcass traits and had minimal effects on longissimus muscle quality.