Effects of Split-Nursery Management On Growth Performance in Nursing Pigs

Kansas State University Swine Research. We evaluated the effects of split nursing the lightest 50% of pigs per litter or the lightest and heaviest 50% of pigs per litter at birth on growth performance until weaning. W e did not observe any effects of split nursing on growth performance in pigs from litter sizes < 9 at birth. Additionally, we did not observe a dif ference in mean ADG or pig weight at weaning. However, we did observe a reduction in the variation of ADG between litters. The resulting decrease in variation leads to approximately a 55% (1.3 vs 3.0) reduction i n pigs weighing less than 8 lb at weaning. W e conclude that the greatest economic benefits are derived from split nursing the lightest 50% of pigs from litter sizes