Environmental Assurance Program

University of Nebraska 1997 Swine Day Report. The popular press has brought environmental challenges in the pork industry to the forefront, making the pork industry a key political issue in several states. In Nebraska, the Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality and the Nebraska Pork Producers Association have been cooperators in providing educational opportunities to producers on how they can meeting the states regulations and ensuring production in an environmentally safe manner. The National Pork Producers Council is a partner is this effort through the development of a national curriculum called the Environmental Assurance Program. This educational program stresses the fundamentals of protecting natural resources as well as on-farm management practices and tips to help producers manage their operations in harmony with the land. The Nebraska Pork Producers Association, in cooperation with local pork producer associations and extension offices, will make this program available through workshops emphasizing local cooperation and enhancing a sense of teamwork between producers, local government and environmental agencies.