Evaluation of Various Specialty Protein Sources as Replacement For Spray-Dried Animal Plasma In Diets For Segregated Early-Weaned Pigs

Kansas State University Swine Research. We used high-health status, w eanling pigs to evaluate six different protein sources as replacements for spray-dried animal plasma. Spraydried blood meal, spray-dried egg, spray-dried wheat gluten, extruded soy protein concentrate, select menhaden fish meal, and soybean meal each replaced 2.5 or 5.0% spray-dried animal plasma. Pigs fed increasing levels of spraydried blood meal, spray-dried egg, or soybean meal had decreased ADFI; however , increasing levels of select menhaden fish meal, extruded soy protein concentrate, and spray-dried wheat gluten had no influence o r increased ADFI. For the high-health pigs used in this trial, select menhaden fish meal, extruded soy protein concentrate, and soybean meal appear to be effective in replacing a portion of the spraydried plasma in the segregated-early weaned (SEW) diet. However , in contrast to other studies, the level of spray-dried animal plasma was not observed to have an effect on SEW pig performance. The conflicting results between this study and past trials in the performance of spray-dried blood meal and spray-dried egg indicate that quality standards should be established for all protein sources.