Fatvalue – A computer program for calculating the value of fat

Purdue University 1995 Swine Research Report. There are two main ways that feeding fat to pigs can be profitable: improved feed conversion (lbs. of feed / lb. of gain) increased rate of gain There are two ways that feeding fat to pigs can cause you to lose money: fat-containing rations are more expensive pigs fed fat may have more fat in the carcass and be worth less There may be other reasons for feeding fat, such as for dust control or palatability, but they are difficult to assign economic values. In order to assess whether feeding fat is profitable, the price and level of each feed ingredient, the feed conversion and rate of gain, and carcass value of pigs with and without extra fat in the diet all must be taken into account. These considerations are made easier with a computer program to account for all the variables and compare the alternatives. FATVALUE is a computer program developed for this purpose.