Formation of Fuel-Grade Ethanol from Swine Waste via Gasification

North Carolina State University Swine Nutrient Management Research from 2001. The objective of this project is to investigate the application of gasification technologies to the treatment of swine waste for the ultimate production of fuel-grade ethanol. This waste treatment system would reduce the negative environmental impact of current manure management systems. The research objectives are: 1) to develop and test a system for harvesting swine manure in a form dry enough to be used as a gasification feedstock, 2) to establish the feasibility and the gasification conditions for the swine waste/amendments feedstock, 3) to characterize the end products of gasification (ethanol and mineral ash) and their potential markets, and 4) to conduct a rigorous economic analysis on the entire swine manure management model to determine its feasibility along with the factors that promote or impede its implementation.