Genetics of Pig Health Symposium 2003 – Reaction Panel

Theres been a lot of technical information presented and I know the panel members following me are going to talk about a lot of technical information as well. So, Id like to challenge you. I asked myself when Rodney asked me to be on this panel, why me? I think its because, sometimes we cant see the forest for the trees, we cant see the whole big picture. So, as Ive sat through the last 24 hours here, Id like to take you back a step, to draw an analogy away from the pig business, and away from the livestock sector altogether. The analogy Id like to use is a racecar, whether Indy or a NASCAR, because were all part of a team here. The way I look at this program, especially the panel weve got coming up behind me, is as a diverse group of crew members all on the same team. Weve got crew members on our team like Dr. Clutter, whos the genetic engine portion and is definitely a big piece of the crew. Dr. Rothschild is definitely on our research team, pulling out the latest technical ideas, trying to integrate what the future might hold and figure out how to get there. Dr. Fernandez, again, part of our crew, another tool, another means to help the overall process. I look at Mr. Huskey as sort of the sponsor, if you will, because unless we please our sponsor were not going anywhere, were all dead in the water.