PIG How-To's

How to Become Pork Quality Assurance Plus (PQA Plus) Certified

The PQA Plus program achieves its goals through:

  • Individual training by a certified PQA Plus advisor that results in the individual receiving PQA Plus certification.
  • An objective assessment of on-farm animal well-being which, when combined with the education of the producer through PQA Plus certification, results in the farm receiving PQA Plus site status.
  • A PQA Plus survey designed to evaluate the implementation of PQA Plus in the industry. Survey results are used to identify opportunities for improvement of the programs information and delivery.




How to obtain PQA Plus Certification for an individual:

  • Contact a PQA Plus advisor
  • Complete the PQA Plus education training


How to obtain PQA Plus Site Status for a pork production operation:

  • After PQA Plus certification has been obtained, arrange for a PQA Plus advisor to conduct an on-farm site assessment of animal well-being practices
  • Or, after PQA Plus certification has been obtained, receive additional training from a PQA Plus advisor, successfully complete an examination and conduct a self-assessment. The recognition obtained through this training is called endorsement


How to locate a PQA Plus advisor:

  • Call (800) 456-PORK
  • Use the locator found on the PQA Plus Web site at: http://www.pork.org/Producers/PQA/ PQAPlusLocateAdvisor.aspx


Survey Component:

Production sites receiving PQA Plus site status will be entered into a pool from which a statistically valid sample of sites will be eligible for third-party surveys. Surveys are scheduled to begin in 2009.


For more information regarding PQA Plus or other Pork Checkoff programs, please call (800) 456-PORK.