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How To Recruit Employees

Now that you have a clear understanding of the job you are hiring for and the skills and experience you want the new employee to possess, you must determine how you will find your target candidates. Again, a good place to start is with your best current employees. Where did you discover your top hires in the past?




Internal Job Postings


Internal job posting programs can do more than simply provide you with qualified candidates. Operations that promote from within typically find it easier to attract and retain ambitious, career-oriented employees.


An internal job posting should include a summary of the available position along with the job’s essential functions and the minimum qualifications ¬(education, experience, etc.) required for the position. The posting should also state that the applying employee be in “good standing” with the operation and that an employee must apply by a specific date to be considered. In addition, the job posting must be located in a place where all employees are able to view it.


Employee Referral Program


Employees are valuable resources for filling job vacancies. Employee referral programs are an effective (and cost-effective) way of attracting qualified candidates. Typically, this type of program gives employees who refer candidates for employment a monetary reward should the candidate be hired and remain employed with the operation for at least six months. Employment Agencies and Search Firms Employment agencies are typically used by employers to assist in the recruitment of qualified candidates and are paid a fee for their services if a referred candidate is hired. The fee may be a flat amount or a percentage of the candidate’s expected annual salary.


State Agencies


The state employment services and unemployment offices may be a good source of recruitment for employers and can be a very cost-effective method of attracting candidates. The state agencies provide prescreening and testing of prospective job candidates at no fee to the employer.


Educational Institutions


Universities, community colleges, technical schools, and high schools all have job placement offices that can help you link up with potential employees.


Labor and Community Organizations


Community organizations can be a good source of potential employees. Organizations such as the YWCA, YMCA, Job Source, and local community centers can supply candidates with specific skills and abilities.


Job Fairs


Various industry associations and consulting and search firms often hold job fairs that allow a wide range of employers and prospective employees to have an opportunity to meet in one setting. Company representatives attending job fairs must be skilled interviewers who can quickly determine whether an individual should be invited back to the operation for a more extensive interview.


Online Recruiting Sites


In recent years, online recruiting venues have become incredibly popular for employers. These include local newspapers, newsgroups, industry-related websites, corporate websites, and job and resume sites.


Classified Advertising


Placing a classified advertisement in the newspaper is a popular method of recruiting external applicants. Classified ads can be a cost-effective means of filling open positions, if written properly. Remember that Sunday is the best day of the week to place a local or regional ad.


Professional and Personal Contacts


Professional and personal contacts are often good sources of information and often more than willing to help out. If you tell two people and they tell two people, etc., you will soon have a wide circle of contacts working for your benefit. Ask current professional contacts that may know of someone at a current operation who is looking to advance or change locations.


Professional Associations


Local chapters of professional associations often have newsletters and bulletin boards where you can post or review recruitment advertisements.


Outplacement Agencies


Outplacement agencies and human resources departments of large companies that are downsizing are a good place to look for highly skilled workers in need of jobs.


Local or Regional Businesses


Ask you local or regional veterinarian, feed supplier, equipment supplier, or repair people if they know of person looking for employment opportunities. Ask anyone who may have contact with other operations such as yours.


Recruitment Advertising


A recruitment advertisement is a sales tool. What are the selling features of the position? Selling features may include items such as dress, flex hours, security, location, travel, benefits, work environment, etc. Each attribute will attract different types of individuals – just ensure you are attracting the type of people you want. You should consider the following in developing an ad:

  • Who. Operation name and description.
  • What. The job title and a brief description.
  • When. Deadline for applying.
  • Where. Location of the position.
  • Why. If the reason for the opening is due to an expansion or growth.
  • How. Ensure the reader knows exactly how to apply for the job.
  • Salary. Salary is important, but if your salary range is not competitive, do not include it.


Do not refer to race, gender, age, color, physical aptitude, and any other discriminatory statements in your advertisement, as those types of statements are illegal – and unethical. All job requirements listed in your ad should be job related and should contain no references to the job being permanent, stable or secure. Last, be sure to end your ad with “Equal Employment Opportunity Employer.”



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