Impact of Cooking Method on Quality of Boneless Pork Loin Roasts

University of Nebraska 1996 Swine Day Report. Chefs PrimeTM pork loin roasts were roasted, braised and cooked in a bag at an oven temperature of 325oF to an internal temperature of 160 or 180oF. Roasting improved yield and surface browning of Chefs PrimeTM roasts. While roasting and braising resulted in similar quality, the presence of moisture (braising and cook-in bag) reduced cooking time. Cooking in the bag had the greatest impact on quality characteristics as these roasts were least tender and they tended to be less juicy and favorable than braised or roasted loins. Reduction of the final internal temperature from 180 to 160oF did not improve yield or quality. Chefs PrimeTM loin roasts can be enjoyed by all consumers when selection of cooking method and cooked quality match consumer need.