In vitro Simulation of Gastric and Pancreatic Phase Digestion of Meat and Bone Meal – Defining Optimal Conditions for Maximizing the Efficiency of Enzymes

North Carolina State University Swine Nutrition Research from 2001. The conditions to maximize the effects of digestive protease were defined for the twostage digestion model. For the 1st stage, the incubation time, the pH of the buffer, the concentration of the MBM protein were 24 hours, 0.1 M CBS pH 2.0 and 12.5 mg/ml, respectively. For the 2nd stage, they were 72 hours, pH 7.0 and 5.0 mg/ml, respectively. Theoretically, at each pepsin level, there is a minimal level of PT for achieving maximal hydrolysis of MBM proteins. It was found that pepsin was not indispensable to achieve maximal ADH in the digestion model, and pepsin was inefficient to maximize the hydrolysis. In order to maintain the model, pepsin usage of 0.25% was subjectively chosen. Once the usage of pepsin was selected, subsequent work would focus on minimizing the usage of PT to maximize the hydrolysis of MBM proteins.