Influence of Added Zinc from Zinc Oxide or a Zinc Amino Acid Complex on Starter Pig Growth Performance

Kansas State University Swine Research. A total of 360 pigs (initially 11.5 lb and 16 d of age) was fed a negative control diet containing no added Zn; one of six diets containing 165 ppm Zn from zinc oxide from the trace mineral premix and added AvailaZn (0, 100, 200, 300, 400, or 500 ppm of Zn); or a positive control diet containing 3,165 ppm added Zn from zinc oxide. Pigs fed the positive control diet had higher (P<.02) ADG and ADFI compared to pigs in all other treatments for the duration of the trial. Pigs fed diets containing AvailaZn had numerically higher ADG and ADFI than pigs fed diets containing no added Zn for the entire trial. These results are similar to previous research showing maximum growth performance exhibited by pigs fed high levels (3,000 ppm) of Zn from zinc oxide.