Influence of Dietary Supplementation of Modified Tall Oil, Chromium Nicotinate, and L-Carnitine on Pork Chop Display Color Stability, Warner-Bratzler Shear, and Sensory Panel Traits

Kansas State University Swine Research. Eighty crossbred (PIC) gilts were used to determine the influence of feeding modified tall oil (MTO, 0 or .5% of diet), chromium nicotinate (0 or 50 ppb), and L-carnitine (0 or 50 ppm) on display color stability, Warner- Bratzler shear, and sensory panel traits of pork chops. Dietary additions of MTO, chromium nicotinate, and L-carnitine to growing and finishing swine diets had minimal effects on quality characteristics and display color stability of pork chops. Therefore, producers probably can take advantage of any production or carcass cutability improvement from these feed supplements without affecting muscle quality of pork chops.