Influence Of Feeding Weanmor+ To Sows On Stillborn Rate and Preweaning Mortailty1

Kansas State University Swine Research 2005. A total of 239 sows (PIC C-22) were used in this experiment. Sows were randomly allotted to one of the two experimental treatments approximately 5 days before their expected farrowing date. Control sows did not receive any topdress; sows on the WEANMOR+ treatment received a single daily topdress of 25 g of WEANMOR+. Topdressing the sow feed with WEANMOR+ reduced (P<0.06) urine pH, but number of total pigs born, mummied, fostered, died, or weaned were not influenced by treatment (P>0.67). There was a parity group-by-stillborn interaction (P<0.10) in which feeding WEANMOR+ reduced the number of stillborn pigs in the parity 2 to 5 sows, with a numeric increase in stillborns when WEANMOR+ was fed to sows that were parity 6 and over.