Influence of Whey Protein Concentrate on IgG Uptake, Intestinal DNA and Enzyme Activity

North Carolina State University Swine Nutrition Research from 2001. The influence of the whey protein concentrate (WPC) containing 50% b-lactoglobulin (BLG) on IgG uptake, proliferation of total intestinal DNA, and intestinal enzymatic activity was investigated. A total of 18 piglets from three sows were taken immediately following parturition and divided into three experimental groups: two were colostrum deprived and one group remained on the sow as control. Piglets in the control group (Treatment 3, n=6) were kept on the sow for the duration of the 5 day study. The remaining two groups were divided as follows: one group received commercial bovine colostrum supplemented with WPC, (Treatment 1, n=6) and the other group received only commercial bovine colostrum (Treatment 2, n=6). Animals on the two experimental diets were individually housed and fed. The acquisition of the two experimental diets was ad libitum. After 36 hours, the piglets receiving bovine colostrum, whether supplemented or not, were placed onto a commercial piglet diet without additional supplement. Blood samples were collected daily and cast against both porcine and bovine anti-Immunoglobulin G (IgG) for sera concentration levels of IgG. Treatment 1 not only exhibited increased weight gain when compared to the other two groups, but also displayed significantly higher concentrations (p<.001) of bovine IgG. Porcine IgG on either of the two experimental diets was low. Total DNA concentration was highest in piglets receiving WPC supplementation. There was no difference in gut enzymatic activity irrespective of treatment. These results suggest that WPC may facilitate uptake of IgG prior to gut closure and as well cause an increase in total DNA concentration.