Interactive effects between Paylean (Ractopamine-HCl) and dietary L-Carnitine on finishing pig growth performance and carcass characteristics

Kansas State University Swine Research. Growth performance, carcass characteristics, and meat quality were evaluated from 126 pigs fed combinations of Paylean and Lcarnitine arranged in a 3 3 factorial. Dietary L-carnitine (0, 25, or 50 ppm) was fed from 74 lb until slaughter, and Paylean (0, 4.5, or 9 g/ton) was fed the last 4 weeks prior to slaughter. These results suggest that Paylean, but not L-carnitine, increases ADG and improves F/G. However, L-carnitine enhances meat quality by improving visual color, L* (darker color), b* (less yellow), a*/b*, and Hue angle (more red and less orange) when fed with Paylean. L- carnitine also decreases drip loss and saturation index (vividness or intensity) and increases 24-h pH