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Interviewing: A Two-Way Process


The job interview is the crucial point to employment where potential employees can succeed in convincing prospective employers that they are indeed the ideal candidate for the position. Producers are making an investment in the potential of the employee and how they will fit into the existing employee structure. Managers are often called upon to interview job candidates who will potentially become their assistants. Therefore interviews are a two-way process in which interviewers evaluate applicants and applicants also evaluate interviewers.



Steps in Preparing & Conducting an Interview

Making the Most of an Interview


Which candidates do you interview?

  1. Pick the candidates that fit the job description.
  2. Don’t interview everyone, pick the best.
  3. Identify those that can meet your timeline.


Physical setting for an interview:

  1. Provide a distraction free area.
  2. No interruptions.
  3. Provide them a soft drink, water, coffee, etc.
  4. Be nice, smile.


How to open them up:

  1. Be calm, relaxed and friendly.
  2. Provide a basic order of events-where you will go and who they will meet, etc.
  3. Encourage questions at any time.
  4. Provide a specific time to talk about pay and benefits.
  5. Start with basic questions. 6. Keep to your time limit.


Questions to avoid:

  1. Review PIG Fact Sheet on Interview Questions
  2. Do not make specific mention of what references told you.
  3. Do not ask for personal information.


Questions to ask and items to cover:

  1. Start with very basic questions about their past experiences.
  2. Ask questions and confirm information about what you see on their resume.
  3. Focus on previous jobs that have specific connection with the job they are seeking.
  4. Clarify any inconsistencies.
  5. Ask what is not on the resume.
  6. Provide information about the social atmosphere and the overall objective of the operation.
  7. Provide them a chance to review the job description for this position.
  8. Go over information about your Employee Handbook & Performance Evaluation Form.


What to avoid in an interview:

  1. Don’t talk about other employees.
  2. Don’t talk about the ownership or management unless it is positive.
  3. Avoid interruptions.
  4. Don’t do all the talking.
  5. Don’t go too long.


After the interview:

  1. Individuals that you have taken the time to interview deserve to be kept informed as to their status in the selection process.
  2. Once you make your selection contact the other individuals you interviewed and let them know that you have made your selection.
  3. When telling candidates that they have not been selected, let them know that you appreciate their time, and that you will keep their information on hand.


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PIG Factsheets and References:

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