Microbial Inhibitors Combined with Modified Atmosphere Packaging for Improved Control of Salmonella Typhimurium on Pork Products

Iowa State University Animal Industry Report 2005. Lactate and diacetate in combination with modified atmosphere packaging composed of 99.5% carbon dioxide and 0.5% carbon monoxide were investigated for effects on initial Salmonella Typhimurium populations and suppression of growth of survivors. Results showed that lactate and diacetate in pork chops combined with modified atmosphere packaging improved shelf life compared to vacuum packaged pork chops without lactate and diacetate. Sensory analysis indicated that pork chops in modified atmosphere packages with lactate and diacetate had a greater pink color, but also a vinegar-like flavor and odor. This means that the combination of modified atmosphere packaging with lactate and diacetate has microbial benefits, but may not be accepted by consumers because of the vinegar-like aroma and flavor of the pork chops.