PigCHAMP Summary of 1994 Reproductive Herd Performance

University of Nebraska 1996 Swine Day Report. A summary of 51 swine herds in the western cornbelt that used PigCHAMP as their reproductive record system during 1994 was completed. This summary documents the wide range in performance that existed among herds. Using 10th and 90th percen-tiles, farrowing rate ranged from 69.1% to 88.1%, pigs weaned per litter from 8.1 to 9.8, and litters per mated female from 1.76 to 2.36. Overall reproductive performance, reported as pigs weaned per mated female per year, ranged from 14.8 to 22.4 with a 50th percentile value of 19.3. These results can be used for planning and decision making purposes in individual swine enterprises.