Producer’s Decisions

University of Nebraska 2006 Swine Day Report. The business decisions pork producers make are extremely important. Decisions increase in importance at the same time they become harder to make. In business management studies, time has been devoted to learn how such decisions can be made. Less study has been expended on how producers currently make decisions. In the United States, family producers have traditionally made decisions with information they could gather independently. The ability to create decision making information is difficult. Producers need to remember the key success item that of effective management led by sound decisions. The process of decision making involves skills and abilities that can be learned. Attitudes towards risk and perceptions of agriculture have influenced producers to make decisions that do not reflect just the economics of the production sector. Also, off-farm employment and federal program payments have an effect on farm exits and on those exiting the pork enterprise, but who remain in farming. Changing the perceptions and attitudes of these producers may enable good producers to become more positive about their future in the industry.