Protein Sources for Segregated Early Weaned (SEW) Pigs

1998 University of Nebraska-Lincoln Extension Swine Report. Three experiments were conducted to examine different protein sources for segregated, early weaned (SEW) pigs. Protein sources evaluated included extruded soybeans, extrudedexpelled soybeans, solvent-extracted soybean meal and spray-dried egg product as a substitute for spray-dried plasma protein. Performance differences among the four treatments could not be detected after seven weeks (twoweek experimental period and fiveweek common corn-soybean meal diet). The cost of gain was reduced during the two-week treatment period by feeding diets with reduced plasma protein levels with or without the partial or complete substitution of spray-dried egg product. In addition, SEW pigs consuming the diet containing 20 percent soybean meal and 6 percent spraydried plasma performed similarly to pigs receiving a more conventional SEW nursery diet (10 percent soybean meal, 6 percent spray-dried plasma protein). These experiments suggest egg protein and soybean proteins may be used for SEW pigs without significantly decreasing nursery performance over a seven-week period. The role of plant protein sources in diets for SEW pigs needs to be reevaluated.