Replacing Conventionally Processed Soybean Meal with Extruded/Expelled Soybean Meal in Swine Diets

2001 University of Nebraska-Lincoln Extension Swine Report. The effects of extruded/expelled soybean meal (ESBM) on growth performance and carcass composition of pigs from weaning to slaughter were investigated. Two experiments were conducted. In the first experiment, weaned pigs were fed a diet containing either conventional solvent-extracted soybean meal or ESBM. Average daily gain and feed efficiency were greater in pigs fed the control diet. The second experiment was designed to determine whether nursery diet influenced performance during the growingfinishing period. In the second experiment, half of the pigs from Experiment 1 were assigned to either a control or ESBM diet and were fed until slaughter. Average daily gain and feed efficiency of pigs fed the control diet were slightly greater than those of pigs fed the ESBM diets. Differences in performance of pigs fed the two diets were greater during the nursery phase than during the growing-finishing phase. These results support our previous research in that ESBM offers no advantage in swine growth performance over conventional solvent-extracted soybean meal.