Sequential Decontamination of Farrowing Crate Flooring

North Carolina State University Swine Health and Biosecurity Research from 1998-2000. Environmental contamination is a major source of infection for farrowing sows and piglets. Improper cleaning and disinfection allows bacteria protected in dried organic matter such as feces, dust, dirt, feed, and blood to persist. The materials used for surfaces of farrowing crate floors include concrete, triangular bar (tri-bar), and plastic coated expanded wire. Each surface varies in its ability to collect dust and dirt, and the ease with which they can be cleaned. In this experiment the efficacy of PVPI to disinfect previously cleaned farrowing crate floors, was compared to a cresylic acid disinfectant (185 Premise Cleaner BioSentry, Inc., Stone Mountain, GA) commonly used to disinfect farrowing houses. The use of a combination ionic and non-ionic surfactant (Sunlight, Lever Brothers Co., New York, NY) was also evaluated as an aid in decreasing bacterial populations on the floors of farrowing crates.