Showing Swine

North Carolina State University Animal Science Fact Sheet ANS96-805S. Showmanship is one of the most important parts of a 4-H swine project. Showmanship is judged on your ability to exhibit an animal to its best advantage. Advanced planning and practice at home are keys to becoming a good showperson. Your personal appearance is very important. You should be neatly dressed and look like a livestock person. Leather shoes or boots should be worn for safety and appearance reasons. If the animal steps on your foot it is much easier for the hog’s foot to slip off of a leather boot than a tennis shoe. You should wear nice jeans or pants, but never faded blue jeans because they do not look professional. Your shirt should be a nice button down or polo shirt that is pleasing to the eye, not a camouflage shirt or T-shirt. Your shirt should be tucked into your pants and a belt should be worn. It is advisable not to wear a hat because it may distract the judge’s concentration. Planning, practicing, and neat appearance will help you down the path of success.