PIG How-To's

Starting Nursery Pigs on Feed

1. Sort pigs by weight to minimize dominance at feeders and waterers.

  • Put smallest 10-15% of the pigs in separate pens.
  • Put small pigs toward the middle of the barn for intensive management


2. Use feeding mats along with self-feeders.

  • Mats should be cleaned and disinfected between uses.
  • Place only small amounts of nursery diet on mat as nursery feed is expensive and easily wasted on the mats.
  • Use mats only until pigs begin eating from a self-feeder.


3. Self-feeders

  • For the first few days add several small feedings per day of fresh feed.
  • Remove feed contaminated with feces or urine.
  • Do not limit feed at any time.
  • Monitor feed consumed daily until pigs are readily consuming feed.
  • Allow one foot of feeder space per four or five pigs.


4. Fresh water

  • If pigs do not have adequate clean, fresh water they will not eat.
  • Adjust height of nipple waterers to shoulder height of smallest piglets.
  • Adjust water pressure to less than 20 psi.
  • One cup waterer per 20 pigs or one nipple waterer per 10 to 15 pigs.


5. Pig level environment

  • Ensure piglets are not subjected to drafts or too warm or too cold conditions.
  • Observe piglets for shivering or excessive piling to keep warm.


6. Observe pigs to ensure all have found feed and water

  • Watch for sunken bellies, rough hair coats, etc., as indicators of poor feed intake.
  • Piglets not eating need individual feeding. Gently place a small amount of moist pellets in each pig’s mouth. Then place the piglet next to the feeder so it associates the feed with the feeder.



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