Swine Statistical References – Photo Sites



Pictures of pork and agricultural production are often difficult to find. The websites listed in this factsheet contain pictures with no fee attached for their usage. It is requested that credit be given to the sources when using these photos. To go to the websites click on the internet link provided in the third column of the references.




  • Locate photos of prepared pork entrees
  • Locate photos of facilities and environmental and manure management
  • Locate photos of breeds of swine and general pork production
  • Locate photos of natural resources and conservation
  • Locate photos of youth activities with livestock


Photo Sites

National Pork Board Dozens of photos of prepared pork products. http://www.porkbeinspired.com/pork-information-bureau/photo-media-library/
Pork Information Gateway Selected images on the following topics: Breeds; Business Mgmt, Human Resources, Worker Health & Safety; Economics & Marketing; Environment & Waste; Facilities & Equipment; Pork Quality & Safety; Production Mgmt, Nutrition, Reproduction, Breeding & Genetics; Swine Health & Welfare; and Youth. http://www.porkgateway.org
NRCS Photo Gallery Contains natural resource and conservation related photos from across the USA http://photogallery.nrcs.usda.gov/index.asp
USDA-ARS Image Gallery & Photo Library archives http://www.ars.usda.gov/is/graphics/photos/search.htm
USDA On-line photography center. General photo references. (Scroll to bottom of page for various sections) http://www.usda.gov/oc/photo/opclibra.htm
USDA Animals Animal photos. http://www.usda.gov/oc/photo/opc-anim.htm