The Effect of Ingredient Processing and Diet Complexity on Growth Performance of The Segregated Early-Weaned Pig

Kansas State University Swine Research. A 14-day growth trial was conducted to determine the interactive effects of ingredient processing and diet complexity on growth performance of segregated early-weaned pigs. Three processing combinations were used with either a simple or complex diet formulation in 2 3 factorial arrangement. Diets were pelleted (control); the corn was moistextruded, then the complete diet pelleted (extruded); or the complete diet was expanded then pelleted (expanded). An interaction was observed between ingredient processing and diet complexity. Pigs fed the control or extruded diets had improved growth performance as diet complexity increased. However, pigs fed the expanded diets showed little response to increasing diet complexity. Under these experimental conditions, pigs fed moist-extruded corn had the best growth performance. However, further research is warranted to evaluate expander conditioning of complex starter diets.