The Effect of Inorganic, Organic and No Trace Mineral Supplementation on Growth Performance, Fecal Excretion and Digestibility of Grow-Finish Swine

Iowa State University Animal Industry Report 2006. Fecal analysis, off-test weights, and ultrasonic measurements were used to determine the response of inorganic, organic (BioplexTM), and no trace mineral supplementation on the fecal mineral excretion (Cu, Fe, and Zn) and growth performance traits measured on live pigs (n=560) throughout the grow-finish period. Based on data from the current study, the use of BioplexTM mineral supplementation for phase-fed, grow-finish pigs could potentially decrease the concentration of fecal Cu, Fe and Zn without impacting the overall performance of the animal. Diets containing no trace mineral supplementation fed to pigs throughout the entire grow-finish period had an adverse effect on performance and culling rate in the experiment. Organic mineral supplements can ultimately be fed to finishing swine without having a significant effect on percent lean (live or carcass), loin muscle area (LMA), backfat (BF10), average daily gain (ADG), or feed efficiency (FE). The use of BioplexTM (Alltech Inc., Nicholasville, KY) trace minerals has the potential to reduce the environmental impact of swine production without any loss of production efficiency to the producer. Lower excretions of these metals by swine could help prevent bioaccumulation where swine waste is applied. Further investigation into the trace mineral requirements of pigs during times of health and other biological and environmental stresses is warranted.