The Effects of Genetic Line and Diet Regimen on Attainment of Puberty in Gilts*

1998 University of Nebraska-Lincoln Extension Swine Report. A trial was conducted to determine the effects of genetic line and gilt development diet regimen and the interaction of these factors on the timely attainment of puberty in gilts. Genetic line was an important factor on the probability of gilts attaining puberty by 8.5 months. Results also indicated leaner gilts (as measured by backfat adjusted to 240 lb) had a lower probability of reaching puberty by 8.5 months than fatter gilts. Gilt development diet regimen and the interaction between genetic line and diet regimen were not significant effects on the attainment of puberty by 8.5 months of age. These results suggest genetic line-specific feeding programs are not necessary for early attainment of puberty.