Utilization of Raw Pork Skins in Reduced Fat Fresh Pork Sausage

1998 University of Nebraska-Lincoln Extension Swine Report. The effects of fat, raw pork skin and added water on the color, yield, texture and palatability of fresh pork sausage were investigated. Fresh pork sausage was produced to contain 8 percent and 20 percent fat, 10 percent or 20 percent pork skin and zero percent or 10 percent added water. Three controls were produced at 8 percent, 20 percent and 35 percent fat with no added pork skin or water. Sausage with added pork skins had increased pH values. The 8 percent fat sausage and sausage without added water had the greatest cook yields, while the addition of pork skin did not affect cook yield. Pork skins and added water caused sausage to be lighter in color. Redness of the sausage was similar for 20 percent fat/20 percent pork skin sausage compared to the 35 percent fat control. Kramer shear values indicated added water made sausage softer. Added pork skin did not affect Kramer shear values. A sensory panel rated 10 percent pork skin sausage more tender than sausage with 20 percent pork skin. Sausage with 8 percent fat and 10 percent pork skin was rated higher for juiciness and overall acceptability when compared to 8 percent fat sausage with 20 percent pork skin and 20 percent fat sausage at both added pork skin levels. Pork skins were successfully incorporated into reduced fat-fresh pork sausage. Production of acceptable reduced-fat pork sausage with added pork skins would increase the demand for this pork sausage and add value to a by-product of the pork industry.