Virginia Specific OSHA Plans

Of the top pork producing states, Utah, South Carolina, Minnesota, and Iowa have additional safety regulations specific to agriculture. Virginia has adopted additional standards that may affect pork producers although they are not specific to agriculture. The following are specifics on Virginia OSHA plans.


SECTION TITLE VAC Virginia Administrative Code
1910.20 Access to Employee Exposure and Medical Records – (http:// www.doli.virginia.gov/infocenter/ publications/va_unique/16vac25- 80.pdf) 16 VAC 25-80-10
1910.268(t) Confined Space Standard Telecommunications Industry – (http:// www.doli.virginia.gov/infocenter/ publications/va_unique/16vac25- 70.pdf) 16 VAC 25-70-10 et seq.
59.1-406-414 Overhead High Voltage Line Safety Act – (http://leg1.state.va.us/cgibin/legp504.exe?000+cod+TOC59 010000030000000000000) Statute
CNSP.146 Confined Space Standard for Construction Industry – PDF (32KB) (http://www.doli.virginia. gov/infocenter/publications/va_ unique/16vac25-140.pdf) 16 VAC 25-140-10 et seq.
1926.650 Virginia Excavation Standard, Construction Industry – (http:// www.doli.virginia.gov/infocenter/ publications/va_unique/1926_650. pdf) 16 VAC 25-170-10 et seq.
1926.760 Fall Protection for Subpart R – Steel Erection – (http://leg1. state.va.us/000/reg/TOC16025. HTM#C0145) 16 VAC 25-145
1926.800 Underground Construction Standard – (http://leg1.state.va.us/000/ reg/TOC16025.HTM#C0145) 16 VAC 25-150-10
1926.950(c)(1) General Requirements – Clearances in Power Transmission and Distribution for the Construction Industry – (http://leg1. state.va.us/000/reg/TOC16025. HTM#C0145) 16 VAC 25-155
1928.110 Field Sanitation, Agriculture – (http://www.doli.virginia.gov/infocenter/publications/va_unique/ 16vac25-180.pdf) 16 VAC 25-180-10
1926.51 Construction Industry Standard for Sanitation – (http://www.doli. virginia.gov/infocenter/publications/va_unique/16vac25-160.pdf) 16 VAC 25-160-10 et seq.
ARM Administrative Regulations Manual – (http://www.doli.virginia.gov/infocenter/publications/ vosh_manuals/ARM_2006_final_ booklet%20workup%20dodge. pdf) 16 VAC 25 -60-10 et seq.


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