baby pig diarrhea


Rotaviral Diarrhea in Pigs

Publish Date: May 26, 2022

Rotavirus (RV) infections are a prevalent cause of diarrhea in suckling and weaned pigs in conventional swine herds leading to substantial economic losses to the pork industry. There are 5 porcine rotavirus groups: A, B, C, E and H. In one study, Groups A, B, C and H rotaviruses were found in up to 62%, 33%, 53% and 15% of piglets in the US (Marthaler, Homwong et al. 2014, Marthaler, Rossow et al. 2014). Group E rotaviruses are rarely reported and considered of low pathological relevance. Group A and C rotaviruses are most common in post-weaning and nursing piglets, respectively (Vlasova, Amimo et al. 2017). Nearly 100% of pigs of market age are rotavirus A and C seropositive. Some human rotavirus strains are of suspected porcine origin. There is cross-reactivity (and therefore at least partial cross-protection) within (but not between) each rotavirus group.

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