Boar Stud


Biosecurity and Health Assurance at a Boar Stud

Publish Date: June 3, 2006

Preventing the introduction of disease agents is a continuous challenge for pork producers and veterinarians. When a farm or site is affected by disease, the impact can be devastating to the health of the swine and the producer’s bottom line. If a foreign animal disease were to overcome the biosecurity safeguards in place on our farms and our country, it would have a devastating effect on all pork producers. One route of disease entry to a farm is through introduction of genetic material. Introduction of live animals offers the greatest risk of disease transmission. Artificial insemination can lessen this risk; however, biosecurity still is very important because bacteria and viruses can spread from infected boars to females through semen. Consequently, it is recommended that producers and veterinarians develop farm-specific biosecurity protocols for purchased or delivered semen.

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