Economic Assessment of Mortality in Wean to Finish Production

Publish Date: May 2, 2022

Mortality reduces gross income but also changes the cost of pig production. Accurately projecting the impact of mortality on net income is important to determine if the marginal income of lower mortality is greater than the marginal cost of improving mortality. This fact sheet focuses on the potential economic benefit of improving mortality which builds on previous work (Crooks et al., 1993; Holtkamp, 2008; Dhuyvetter, 2014). This calculation is not a trivial task because the economic value of lowering mortalities depends on various prices and production efficiencies.

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Economics of Gestation Housing

Publish Date: June 3, 2006

The economics of various methods for housing gestating sow has received very little attention by the pork industry. The most common method for housing gestating sows is indoors in individual stalls. The major reasons for using individual gestation stalls are: (1) a worker can more easily manage a larger number of sows with respect to…

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